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Montecarlo Cleaners have been providing affordable and efficient cleaning services to homeowners and commercials for over 10 years.

Book a cleaner with us and ensure yourself the comfort you deserve, whether you spend time with your family at home, or you do business at your office.

montecarlo-cleanersWall-to-wall carpeting gives any home a rich luxurious feel. Maintaining the look of your carpeting with regular vacuuming is easy, and there are plenty of good cleaning products available to handle the occasional spot cleaning it will need. But when it comes to getting your carpet deep-down clean, nothing comes close to Professional Carpet Cleaning.Professional Carpet Cleaning will get every last bit of dirt and grime out of your carpet. The combination of high powered suction and steam, along with professional strength carpet cleaners will make any carpet look like new. It’s best to have Professional Carpet Cleaning performed several times a year, preferably when the seasons change, and after large gatherings in your home. If you have pets and family members who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments, you should have your carpets cleaned more often.

Professional Carpet Cleaning removes allergens, pet dander and the debris that can lead to poor air quality in your home; having it done regularly will ensure your family will always be breathing clean, healthy air. Many professional carpet cleaning companies are committed to helping you keep your whole house clean and fresh. They not only clean your carpets, but your rugs, furniture and draperies as well.


Carpet Cleaning: Single Beroom $25,00; Double Bedroom $30,00; Hallway$20,00;

Upholstery Cleaning: 3 Seater Sofa $35,00; 2 Seater Sofa $30,00;

Window Cleaning: $20,00 per hour and minimum charge of $60,00 (three hours);

Housekeeping: $20,00 per hour and minimum charge of $60,00 (three hours);

Office Cleaning: $20,00 per hour and minimum charge of $60,00 (three hours);

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” I would definitely use them again. I really like the way they make you feel like their only priority. A real pleasure to work with. Excellent housekeeping service, thanks so much! I am very impressed. You have a happy client here.”

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